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How it works

Step 1: Add a login link to your page.

(Send your users to Waaard)

Add a login link to your appplication that has your Application ID like this ⬇️

<a href="">
    Log in with Github

Want to track this login attempt specifically? Generate and send a session_id!

Step 2: Catch the redirect from Waaard.

(Receive encrypted user information)

Use paseto to decrypt the user data, with your App Secret

In NodeJS
that looks like this: ⬇️

import { V3 as pasetoV3 } from "paseto";

app.get("/waaard/login", async (req, res) => {
  // (optional) get and use the session ID you provided earlier
  const sessionID = req.query["session_id"];

  // Decrypt the user data
  const encrypted = req.query["encrypted_auth_data"];
  const decrypted = await pasetoV3.decrypt(
    ' your login app secret ',

  // authn contains email, username, and organizations
  const { waaardID, provider, authn } = decrypted;

  // (optional) Save waaardID, provider, and user details

  // (optional) Set secure cookies to remember the user
  // NOTE(🔐): don't forget Expires/MaxAge, HTTPOnly, & Secure

Wondering what that authn object has in it? ⬇️

export class ClientLoginAuthData {
  // ID for the user, according to Waaard
  public waaardID: string;

  // Provider the user used to login (ex. 'twitter', 'github')
  public provider: string;

  // Client App ID (this, you already have)
  public clientAppID: string;

  // ISO string which represents when the user was created
  public createdAtISO8601: string;

  // Available AuthN information, normalized across providers
  public authn: {
    // Username (not "display name"),
    // only used sites where user names *cannot be changed* (ex. Reddit)
    username?: string;

    // Email address
    email?: string;

    // Organizations, if any (ex. Github)
    organizations?: ClientLoginOrganization[];

Step 3: There's no Step 3.

(You've got login working on your site! 🎉)

If you've done #1 and #2, new and existing users can now log in to your site!

Returning users have the cookie you set, so there's no need to re-authenticate.

When a user's cookie expires, the user can login with Waaard again.

Supported Login providers
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