About Waaard

What is Waaard?

Waaard protects your links and files by authenticating people who try to access them.

Waaard verifies users that attempt to download your files, keeps track of file access, and allows you to disable file downloads at any time.

If you know someone's twitter handle (like @vadosware) and you know their email address, Waaard can send them a link which only they can open with both factors of authentication required

Who built Waaard?

victor, creator of Waaard

👋🏾 Hi there, I'm Victor and I built Waaard

I wanted a simple, easy to use file-sharing solution for people outside my organization, so I built Waaard.
Often I knew who I wanted to send my file to, but didn't want to try connecting enterprise file management solutions, or other painful methods.

In the age of federated authentication, authenticated file sharing should be easy to do, and with Waaard, it is.